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The Weed's Network is passionate about a sustainable, viable and creative future in our relationship with weeds.

"Through a spirit of willing exploration we foster ways to better understand weeds so they become a resource we can use with environment and future generations in mind. The Weed’s Network provides evidence-based information for innovative ways of thinking about, engaging with and managing weeds sustainably."

Dr David Low – Research Associate

David is qualified with a PhD in Scientific Communication (ANU 2003) and is a Master of Environmental Science (Monash 1992). He became interested in weeds after working for Monsanto and talking with farmers. He realised that weeds can be used as a resource, for example, many weeds can be used as sillage to feed stock or as a tool to revitalise soil. David also noticed that where there is biodiversity, there is decreased weed problems. So began David’s enquiry into the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable weed management. In order to investigate and communicate information about sustainable weeding, The Weed’s Network was founded in 2009. “The growth of interest in profitably and sustainably controlling and/or preventing weeds has been amazing – we now have more than 35,000 members linked into our network from all over the world.email

Zheljana Peric – Research Associate

Zheljana is qualified with a BA in Social Science (Monash 1998) and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Monash 2004). She became interested in weeds because she noticed the ‘war talk’ used in conjunction with weeding. “People were talking about plants as if they were an enemy. I believe that weeds can be used beneficially, to produce income and to provide a safe ecosystem for natural biological control.Click here to read Zhelajna's latest paper titled, "Plants talking and what we here". email

Nam Truong - Student Intern

Nam is currently undertaking his Master of Sustainability at Monash University. He has been involved in weed management since 2010 when he began working in grassland conservation on the basalt plains west of Melbourne. He found that it was good and meaningful employment. However, the volume of herbicide which is applied in conservation works has inspired Nam to return to university and to seek out opportunities to reduce herbicide usage. Nam began his internship with the Weed's Network in June 2014 and also works as a commercial gardener.

Dr Fred Pollnac – USA Representative

As part of the Weed and Invasive Plant Ecology and Management Group at Montana State University, USA, Fred received his MS degree in Land Resources and Environmental Science in 2007 and a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Ecology in May 2012. He has worked on a variety of research projects related to weeds, including studies of: 1) their diversity and distribution in organic vs. conventionally managed wheat fields, 2) the dispersal of weed seeds via motor vehicles, and 3) the effects of environmental factors related to elevation on an invasive species in a mountainous region of the USA. Fred grew up in a rural area and has always been interested in how humans interact with the natural environment which has fueled his interest in sustainable management of both agricultural and natural areas. He sees weeds and climate change as two of the biggest challenges for future management in these areas. email

Dr Charles Merfield - New Zealand Representative

Charles ‘Merf’ Merfield originally studied commercial horticulture in the UK before managing organic vegetable farms in England and New Zealand for six years, which was responsible for his interest in non-chemical weed management. He then undertook his M.Sc. and PhD at Lincoln University in NZ, on agroecology, biological control, vegetable seed production and included re-inventing the direct-fired steam boiler for use in farming. He also worked in Ireland for two years leading organic research and extension with a three month sabbatical in the NW USA on weed management. On his return to NZ he established the BHU Future Farming Centre, which is dedicated to the science and extension of permanent and whole-system agricultures and horticultures with a focus on providing practical outcomes for farmers and growers. email

Mark Peric – Technical Projects Manager

Mark has worked as a project coordinator for several of Australia’s largest end-to-end IT infrastructure and business solutions companies, including, Southern Cross Computer Systems, Commander, Ipex & ITG.

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